MSS Security: What do guards really think of it?

Mired in bad publicity: MSS and clients in the press
Mired in bad publicity: MSS and clients in the press

Many good guards say they don’t want to work for MSS Security.

In a recent survey of 200 guards from across Victoria, it was made loud and clear that MSS is putting everything at stake by refusing to back fair pay and professional standards – which their rivals ISS Security, G4S and Wilson have already agreed to.

Want professional security? Choose a Safeguard-endorsed contractor

By refusing to support guaranteed pay rises and by seeking cuts to some conditions, MSS is in danger of losing its best, and most experienced, guards to other contractors.

In fact, 85 per cent of its guards surveyed say they would consider leaving the contractor if it continues to refuse to pay them fairly.

And 93 per cent of guards working for other contractors say they would avoid MSS if it refuses to get its act together.

Your security at risk

Experience in security work is key. Will inexperienced security guards know what to do in an emergency? Will they know how to deal with the tough situations you’re hiring them for ?

Experienced guards surveyed say they won’t work for MSS. More than nine out of 10 guards surveyed said a high turnover of guards puts service to clients at risk, and the same number believe your assets could be in danger.

Another 88 per cent believe your reputation could be at stake, while 93 per cent are concerned for the safety of your employees, your clients and your visitors.

You are also at greater risk of criminal activity on your site, say 85 per cent of guards surveyed.

MSS: the home brand of the security industry

“Clients will soon realise that low pay means low performance,” one guard says.

Another describes MSS as “the Black & Gold home brand of the security industry”.

“If MSS end up losing guards, then they end up losing experience. What happens to quality then?,” he says.

Says another: “It is very simple: poor pay and working conditions lead to poor service for the client.”

Fair pay means experienced guards

But the vast majority of guards – more than 94 per cent – say that fair pay and conditions keeps experienced guards in their job, in turn allowing them to provide the professional service for which you are paying.

Already, MSS and their clients have become mired in bad publicity.

So think carefully when it comes to hiring a security contractor. If you want professional security, then make sure you choose a Safeguard-endorsed contractor.


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